How To Layer. (part one)

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The Summer months are fast approaching; which means everyone's wardrobe will soon become a thing of the past. As most Houstonian's know, it's more about just surviving through these months than trying to look like the next Vogue. Since I was born and raised in Texas and have experienced quite a few of these Summer's I have come to the conclusion. No one cares if you wear the same exact white t-shirt or pair of cut off's everyday, it's the jewels that gets their attention. The more jewelry you have layered the less they notice what you are wearing. So, the Rebecca Lankford team and I decided to help you guys out and show you a step by step tutorial on how to create the "layered look".
You want to pick 1 statement bracelet that you will build from. We chose our leather bracelet with horseshoe diamond.
Next, you are going to want to add to that one a mixed metal piece. Something to give it a little dimension and variability.
Adding on to that, we pieced another leather piece. This time choosing one that is woven, giving it a different texture and adding a little bit of gold into the mix to kind of break up the color pattern.
Then, we added a much smaller metal piece. As well as, chose a gold bracelet to play off the one we added right before.
Lastly, we added one other braided piece with gold accents and chose something with a different charm. Remember to always end with an odd number of pieces. For some unknown reason it just never quite feels like it's completed if you are wearing an even amount of jewelry.
& then your final product.
We have more layered looks to come, make sure to check back with us on how to layer necklaces.


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