Inspiration that finds you.

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I know most artists work from collection to collection by seeking out different medias to gain inspiration. Well, earlier this week I was able to sit down with Rebecca and talk a little more about how she likes to gather inspiration for the upcoming season. 

She first went on to explain how much she enjoys spending any free time she may have outside with her two dogs, Jack and Pete. One of their favorite past times is to walk around Allen Parkway, which she refers to as their "oasis". She mentions, "'s crazy to think you can become so immersed and forget you're in a city of 4 million people." Rebecca seems to be one of those people who truly can see the good in just about anything. As most of you know, her collection stems strongly around her devout faith to Christianity. One of the practices is based upon allowing yourself to be guided by a hirer power, like most things if you are patient it will come. Meaning, instead of seeking out or chasing a certain something it is best to have it seek you. Like I mentioned earlier, she has the gift of really being able to pull out the good in any given situation. Which also allows her to be more aware of her presence in each moment. Therefore, in return Rebecca isn't having to seek things out to gain inspiration, she is surrounded by it daily.

You will better understand more, when you take for instance these twigs they stumbled upon while on their walk. If you take closer look you will see the cross. This one in particular is where she thought of the proportion of the cross, which led to her latest version of the cross with the exaggerated stem. 

Also, in reference to the dandelion. Rebecca captured this shot and later used it as the inspiration for this past Spring 2013 collection where she tried to focus mainly on white sapphires. 

Last, but not least; Rebecca like most of us become giddy at the sight of diamonds. While Rebecca prefers her diamonds raw, they still have the gravitational pull that sucks you in to want more. Here you will find a couple of raw diamonds she had lying around at the studio that we were able to capture before they were set into a finished product.


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