Birthday Jewels for Lillian

Birthday Jewels for Lillian

Posted by Rebecca Lankford on

Last Thursday Studio 703 was filled with birthday cake, laughter, and several sweet girls beaming from ear to ear as they created their own one-of-a-kind jewelry! To celebrate Lillian turning 11, the RLD Team threw a birthday bash for her and her closest friends to embrace their inner jewelry designer!

When Lillian and her friends arrived, they were greeted by the RLD Team who had created a cute workspace with a jewelry toolkit and some of our very own beautiful gemstones, pearls, and charms. The girls had a blast at the jewelry bar as they sifted through the endless amounts of gemstones of all different sizes and vibrant colors!

Lillian and her friends did a FABULOUS job designing jewelry together and helping each other brainstorm which jewels would look best on one another (true friendship!). After the design workshop, it was time to celebrate their lovely friend, Lillian, by singing happy birthday, eating delicious cake, and enjoying this special day together!

These sweet girls left the birthday party with their own handmade, uniquely designed necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Let's just say that they are starting the summer off in style!

We had such a fun time celebrating you, Lillian, and hope that you enjoyed your time here at Studio 703!


The RLD Team


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