Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

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Get Your Holiday Gifts Here at studio 703 + RLD

holiday gift guide

It may be 80 degrees outside but that doesn’t change the fact that the holiday season is just around the corner! Have you thought about what you’ll be giving yet? It’s never too early to start planning and we’re happy to help you get started with our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide.

Here at studio 703, we have so much to offer; from handcrafted artisan jewelry by Rebecca Lankford to handmade greeting cards, leather bags, luxury fragrances, art pieces, home décor and more. It’s safe to say we have a little bit of something for everyone!

So before you head to the big box stores, consider stopping by studio 703 to browse our selection of locally handcrafted goods. You’re bound to find memorable and distinctive gifts your family and friends will love.


If you’re searching for the perfect gift for your wife, studio 703 + Rebecca Lankford Designs is the place to be. We have countless gorgeous items to choose from. We can even create a custom piece of jewelry for you, so you can give her a piece that has special and personal meaning.

Gold & Diamond Bar Hoops; Cuff Bracelets; Rose Gold Bar Necklace

Gifts for the Wife

Click here to view these Gold & Diamond Bar Hoops or a cuff bracelet

Give your wife, fiancé or girlfriend these beautiful hoops she will love to show off. The perfect sparkly pieces for a New Year’s Eve party, she’ll be dying to wear them to her next special event. The studded cuffs are also a huge fan favorite, alongside the beautiful gold bar necklace.

Hatton Henry Leather Tote

Hatton Henry Leather Tote

Visit studio 703 to shop Hatton Henry leather goods.

This Hatton Henry leather tote is both stylish and convenient for a woman on-the-go. She’ll love this trendy, handmade leather tote bag that she can easily carry along with her anywhere.



Rebecca Lankford Designs offers a variety of jewelry items for men. Whether he prefers minimalistic and neutral or flashy and ornate, our collection of RLD men’s jewelry takes the cake.

Blue Sapphire Cuff Links

Blue Sapphire Cuff Links

Every guy needs a pair of exquisite cuff links and this bold and sophisticated pair leaves nothing to be desired. Surprise him with a distinctive pair of cuff links that he won’t find anywhere else.

Gold Bar Bracelet

Gold Bar Bracelet

Click here to view this Gold Bar Bracelet

Your husband, fiancé or boyfriend will love this gold bar bracelet for its comfort and sleek style. This is a bracelet he can wear day in and day out without skipping a beat.

Turquoise Tuxedo Studs

Turquoise Tuxedo Studs

Click here to view these Turquoise Tuxedo Studs

These gorgeous gemstone tuxedo studs will really take a tuxedo to the next level and make him feel handsome, classy and refined.



Sometimes it’s hard to choose a gift for your sons and/or daughters! Here are some of our top picks for the kids, whether they’re teens or adults.

Gold & Diamond Cross on Leather Necklace

Diamond & Cross Leather Necklace

Click here to view this Gold & Diamond Cross on Leather Necklace

This trendy leather necklace features a small gold cross and with a diamond in the center that is both handsome and casual enough for everyday wear.

Black Macramé and Rose Gold Bracelet

Black Macrame & Rose Gold Ring Bracelet

Click here to view this Black Macramé and Rose Gold Bracelet

This black macramé and rose gold bracelet is perfect for kids because it’s lightweight, durable, and never has to be taken off! Perfectly suited for young jewelry wearers, these macramé bracelets can be mixed and matched fun a fun and young look.

Baby Jewelry

 RLD Baby Jewelry

Stop by studio 703 + RLD to design your own custom baby jewelry for newborns and toddlers. These special bracelets, necklaces, or rings can be worn for years as your son or daughter ages, for a memorable and timeless piece.



Find the perfect gift for mom and dad at studio 703 + RLD. Our studio is home to beautiful art, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, and handcrafted décor that makes for unique, meaningful gifts for parents of all ages.

Capsule/Fiele Luxury Perfume & Cologne

Capsule/Fiele Fragrances

Visit studio 703 to shop Capsule/Fiele Luxury Perfume & Cologne.

Perfume and cologne always makes for a great Christmas gift! Introduce mom or dad to a new favorite scent from the luxury fragrance collections of Capsule and Fiele. Stop by our studio to try them out for yourself and select the perfect scent for your loved one.

Stephanie Gonzalez Artwork

Stephanie Gonzalez Artwork

Visit studio 703 to browse art by Stephanie Gonzalez.

Give your parents a gorgeous piece of art created by local abstract artist, Stephanie Gonzalez. Inspire creativity, thoughtfulness, and hope with a gorgeous new piece your parents can hang in their home and enjoy on a daily basis.

Barbara Biel Paperweights, Candle Holders & Décor

Barbara Biel Paperweights

Visit studio 703 to shop Barbara Biel handcrafted stone décor pieces.

These beautifully handcrafted stone décor pieces are created with love by local Houston artist, Barbara Biel. Each thoughtfully shaped piece can be used as a paperweight or shelf décor, and some of her pieces even double as candle holders.



Grandparents are so fun to buy gifts for and the meaningful ones typically go a long way. Here at studio 703 + RLD, we have some great gift ideas for the grandparents in your family!

Dada’s Candy Cuff Bracelet

Dada's Candy Cuffs

Stop by studio 703 to shop Dada’s Candy

Surprise your grandmother with a vibrant cuff bracelet from Dada’s Candy at studio 703. These cuff bracelets are stunning and can be worn with just about any type of outfit.

Handmade Greeting Cards from The Little Illustrator

The Little Illustrator Greeting Cards

Brighten grandma and grandpa’s day with a thoughtful and cleverly crafted message. These handmade greeting cards from The Little Illustrator are the perfect way to say what you need to say this Christmas.

Kathy Oliver Photography

Kathy Oliver Photography

Visit studio 703 to shop Kathy Oliver Photography.

Stop by studio 703 to see the beautiful work of Kathy Oliver in person and pick up a photograph for your grandparent’s home! One of these breathtaking pieces will completely transform a room or entryway.



Your best friend is one of the most special people in the world so why settle for just an average gift? Pick up a one-of-a-kind gift she’ll truly cherish at studio 703 + RLD.

Pair of Chocolate Diamond Bracelets

Leather Chocolate Diamond Bracelets

Click here to view these matching Chocolate Diamond Leather Bracelets

Who said friendship bracelets aren’t a thing anymore? These fabulous leather bracelets boast stunning chocolate diamonds encased in yellow gold, for a modern and minimalistic design your BFF will adore. Pick up a matching set and enjoy a set of friendship bracelets you can show off for years to come.

Minimalist Pave Diamond Choker

Pave Diamond Choker

Click here to view this Minimalist Pave Diamond Choker

You best friend will thank you for getting her onboard with the choker trend by buying her this gorgeous leather choker! Perfect for everyday wear, this simple and delicate choker necklace features a small pendant adorned with a beautiful rhodium plated rectangle coated in shimmering pave diamonds.

Gold Bar Hoops

Gold Bar Hoops

It’s one thing to give your bestie a pair of earrings, but it’s a whole thing entirely to surprise her with these stunning gold bar hoops. You can bet she won’t run into anyone else wearing these distinctive pieces!

Need some more Christmas gift ideas or have questions about placing a custom gift order? Call or email Rebecca Lankford Designs today! Otherwise, feel free to stop by studio 703 at 703 Yale St., Houston, TX 77009. We love chatting with visitors at our studio in the Heights!


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