How to Layer Your Jewelry This Fall

How to Layer Your Jewelry This Fall

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How to Layer Your Jewelry This Fall

Layering tips

Fall is finally here, so bring on the pumpkin spice lattes, harvest festivals and cooler weather. Another thing we love about fall is layering. From scarves and button downs to flannels, denim jackets and leggings, layering is one fashion statement we absolutely adore here at Rebecca Lankford Designs.

You can layer just about any and all of your jewelry. Whether you like to wear thin bangles or heavy medallion necklaces, layering jewelry can add dimension, texture and creativity to all your best fall outfits. 

Here are just a few ways to mix, match and stack your jewelry this fall.

How to layer necklaces:

layered necklaces for fall

Blend shorter, delicate pieces with longer, heavier necklaces.

Choose a few necklaces of various lengths and metals. Start with a shorter necklace and gradually build with longer pieces. When layering your necklaces, remember that it’s best to stick to two or less types of metals. Try rose gold and silver or yellow gold and oxidized silver for a stunning effect. Combining metals is great but more than two different types can quickly become overwhelming.

Complete the look with a choker.

Chokers are all the rage again! Add the finishing touches to your layered necklaces with a thick or thin choker – perfect for work, relaxing, or a night out with the girls. If your shirt lacks a neckline, try a thin, more delicate choker. If you’re wearing a top with a deep neckline, a thicker choker is ideal.

Add a pop of color.

Too much competing color can be a bad thing, but a little burst of ruby red or aquamarine can add a lot to an otherwise plain outfit. Pair a thick leather choker with a simple mid-length necklace and a long-hanging turquoise stone to create a bohemian look that is fit for the runway.

How to stack rings:

stacked rings for fall

Blend different textures and colors.

For beautifully layered rings, try mixing and matching stacked bands of various colors and textures. Tightly stacked rings of different colors can create the illusion that three or four rings are actually one. You can also stack thick, rose gold, hammered bands with sleek and smooth silver bands for a gorgeous blend of textures and styles.

Don’t be afraid of chunky rings.

Chunky rings can also be paired with thin, stacking rings on either side for a flush, cohesive fashion statement that works well with almost any outfit.

Create a look that’s symmetrical – or not.

Stacking, mixing and pairing rings on both hands creates a very symmetrical and classic design. But if you want something a bit more edgy, try layering your rings differently on each hand. 

How to layer bracelets:

layered bracelets for fall

For a minimalist look, try thin stud cuffs.

If you don’t like to feel weighed down by heavy, bulky bracelets, try layering thin stud cuffs for more of a lightweight, effortless and minimalistic style. Diamond bangle bracelets are also always in style and can be dressed up or down for a variety of occasions.

Get bohemian with thick leather wraps.

If you want a more bohemian style, start with a chunky leather bracelet and make your way up your arm with thinner bangles or leather and sapphire wrap bracelets. Different styles and textures will add more dimension to your look, so try to layer your bracelets with a mixture of thick and thin pieces.

There are countless ways to layer your jewelry this fall. Have some tips you’d like to share? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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