Say It with Handmade Greeting Cards from studio 703

Say It with Handmade Greeting Cards from studio 703

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No One Said a Greeting Card Had to Be Boring

“Oh, we’ll just send them a card.”

How many times have we said this out loud or to ourselves? Oftentimes, we send greeting cards as an afterthought or a rushed gift instead of what they can be: a unique, heartfelt note that truly brightens someone’s day.

studio 703 has a one-of-a-kind selection of locally handcrafted holiday greeting cards that are sure to bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones. With the holidays quickly approaching, you likely have a long list of people you’d like to send personalized holiday cards to, so stop by our studio today and start checking some names off your list.

Butterfly Blair Holiday Greeting Cards

Butterfly Blair Handcrafted Greeting Cards

Butterfly Blair handcrafted holiday greeting cards aren’t just beautifully designed – they also have a heartwarming story to go along with them.

Butterfly Blair was created to honor the life of a young woman named Blair who was challenged with physical and intellectual disabilities but still graced the world with a warm, courageous, and compassionate heart. These greeting cards are handmade by clients of Reach Unlimited, an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of those with developmental disabilities.

Choose from one of the gorgeous Butterfly Blair greeting cards on sale at studio 703.

The Little Illustrator Holiday Greeting Cards

The Little Illustrator Handcrafted Greeting Cards

Greeting cards from The Little Illustrator are creatively designed and illustrated by a Houston artist for your enjoyment. Each one has a quirky and heartfelt message inside for the fun-loving gift giver. Whatever the occasion, The Little Illustrator always has a fun way to express a sentiment.

Complete your Christmas gifts with these cute greeting cards and break away from the boring cookie-cutter Christmas greetings you find elsewhere.

A variety of cards from The Little Illustrator are for sale at studio 703 so stop by today to get yours.

Happy shopping!


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