Specialty Coffee and Second Chances

Specialty Coffee and Second Chances

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It all started with a love of coffee and a heart for Jesus. Houstonian Trey Rummel always enjoyed coffee but had never seen the roasting process firsthand. The summer of 2016 changed everything, as Trey embarked on an adventure to Seattle, Washington, home to some of the top roasteries in the world.

He spent his time in Seattle learning about the craft of coffee roasting and began to entertain the thought of one day opening his own coffee roastery. Little did he know, this was just a taste of what God had in store for him.

Even after returning to Houston, the thoughts of starting his own coffee roasting company still lingered and nudged at his heart, but school and work consumed most of his time. It wasn’t until he spent some time getting to know a few men who had completed a local faith-based recovery and rehab program that he began to realize there was a problem – and he wanted to help solve it.

Although these men had spent six months dedicating their time to getting clean, many of them had fresh felonies which, on top of being a high risk for relapse, made securing full-time employment anything but easy. With families to support and a lack of stable income, some felt as though they had no other option but to go back to selling drugs on the street.

“I really respected and was in awe of what these guys were doing,” Trey said, and he wasn’t ready to let them give up all the progress they had made. That was the moment he decided to start his coffee roasting company, with the goal of providing employment and mentorship for those fighting to break free from addiction and incarceration for good.

That was November of 2016. Today, just over four months later, 9th Hour Coffee Co. is fully launched and employing one dedicated part-time individual. With a great selection of coffee beans sourced from Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia, this Houston coffee-roaster is up and running, and working diligently to impact our community in a very powerful way.

The team at studio 703 + RLD is proud to partner with 9th Hour Coffee Co. by raising awareness of Trey’s coffee ministry and offering the beans for sale at our studio. So next time you’re in the Heights, stop by studio 703, enjoy an aromatic, rich cup of 9th Hour Coffee Co. and learn more about this company’s mission. We believe Trey says it best himself:

“A wise man of old once said that the path of righteousness is like the light of dawn which shines brighter and brighter until noonday, or as the old English would call it, the 9th Hour. For those embracing a second chance, the light of dawn is just beginning to shine, and we want them to know all the splendor of 9th Hour sunshine.”

To learn more about 9th Hour Coffee Co., please visit www.9thhourcoffee.com.

We can’t wait to share a cup of coffee with you at the studio soon!



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