Your 4th of July Look

Your 4th of July Look

Posted by Rebecca Lankford on

In a sea of red, white, and blue, the RLD team has you covered on how to achieve a subtle, trendy look step by step (or jewel by jewel!) for your upcoming Fourth of July gathering!

Rings: If you live in a region like the RLD team located in Houston, TX, you are way too familiar with the sweltering July heat playing a huge role in your wardrobe and accessory choices. That's why we are starting out dainty! We love stacking a plethora of necklaces together as much as the next girl, but for this Fourth of July, start with a simple ring stack that complements any outfit you're rocking. 


Studs: At your local Fourth of July celebrations, you could be moving around a lot, so secure studs will brighten your face without swinging around like hoops or dangles while you try to mingle with friends and family AND maybe chow down on some delicious BBQ - no judgement here!


Cuffs: By now you might be asking, where are the statement pieces for my look??? Well here you have it. One solid, chunky cuff will add that extra wow factor to your so-far dainty pieces. We love cuffs here at Studio 703 and have many to choose from on our website!

Voila! The RLD team wants you to feel as comfortable as you do stylish this fourth of July. Most of all, we want you to enjoy treasured time with friends and family as you celebrate your independence and those who fought for it.

Let us know if you have any further questions or suggestions - we would love to hear from you!   


The RLD Team



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