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Capsule Parfumerie is an independent fragrance house based in Santa Monica, California. Capsule produces a modern assortment of niche, luxury perfumes and colognes. With an artisanal approach to perfume creation, the company carefully formulates and produces their proprietary fragrances in-house, by hand, and in small, fresh batches.
Capsule and Fiele perfume and cologne are carefully crafted individually to provide the highest quality possible with fragrances that both refresh and invigorate. This collection invites inspiration, ingenuity, and originality. Experience Capsule and Fiele for yourself.

Shop Capsule / Fiele Fragrances at studio 703

To purchase Capsule and Fiele perfume and cologne, visit studio 703 at 703 Yale St, Houston, TX 77007.


Capsule/Fiele Fragrances

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