One of a Kind

There’s something to be said for a piece of jewelry that is truly unique and the only one of its kind. RLD cherishes those special pieces and the joy and awe they bring to those who wear them. Rebecca Lankford presents her One of a Kind Collection: unique handmade jewelry that you cannot find anywhere else. Each piece is exclusive, wearable art: beautiful handmade jewelry made right here in Houston, Texas.

From raw diamond prong rings to turquoise tuxedo studs, ruby chokers and quartz necklaces, the creativity, and beauty of the One of a Kind Collection is limitless.

Handcrafted in Rebecca’s Houston studio, Rebecca Lankford Designs handmade artisan jewelry is only created with the highest quality materials and can be purchased online, at the studio or at retail stores across the country.

        half moon diamond stud earrings      blue sapphire and diamond necklace  

The pieces pictured above can be purchased at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

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