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ReCoop Designs is a design/build artisan workshop focused on sustainability. All of our custom furniture and design works are created from reclaimed materials salvaged primarily from the local Houston area, yet we often find ourselves finding odds and ends around Central and East Texas. Our primary medium is reclaimed wood, steel, and stone but often work with many other materials which we incorporate into the pieces we make. 

The majority of our passion centers around creating custom works of sculptural furniture and art for ourselves and clients. However, we also offer furniture refinishing and repurposing, woodwork, steelwork, lighting, and interior design. 

With ReCoop Designs custom furniture, we strive to create unique designs that help create destination points for both residential and commercial spaces. We do find ourselves working with interior designers to implement their designs. However, while we offer those same services we possess the capacity to bridge many gaps by physically doing the work ourselves. 

ReCoop Designs custom furniture
ReCoop Designs Custom Furniture - chair  ReCoop Designs Custom Furniture - table  ReCoop Designs Custom Furniture - Table Art

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